Sunday, April 28, 2013

End of the Semester

Namaskar (greetings) everyone!

     I focused my last few weeks within the semester to documenting within the neighborhood and noting the new businesses and upcoming events that will take place in the summer on Devon Ave. I have been in contact with the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce and the events that they host throughout the week to help community residents and store owners. Recently, there have not only been ethnic stores opening, but more chain operations. I found out that there is another Starbucks that will open a couple blocks south of Devon Ave on Western.

     Even though semester is ending, I am pleased to inform that my work on Devon Ave. will not. I will continue to do archival and demographic research during the summer for Dr. Pincince. This will not only include taking pictures, but interviewing active members within the neighborhood and actually getting involved in the programs that are offered to primarily immigrant residents in the neighborhood. This research experience has truly opened my eyes to the complexities of demographics, migration and economy within a metropolis such as Chicago. Devon Ave was the perfect case study because of its rich diversity and immigrant population. It has enhanced my research skills and has made me much more assertive in how I approach individuals and tackle my tasks at hand. I am truly overjoyed to be taking part in this project and really appreciate the time you all have taken to read my blog and follow my journey within the internship.

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